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Maurice Henri Jean Mas


Born 14th May 1919.  Died 4th July 1990

His family were from Pontarlier in France.

He lived at 1 rue Marius Laithier, Pontarlier at time of death.  (we travelled to Pontarlier in October 2005 to search grave yards for relatives, but we didn't have this address at that time!!)


When he married Christine Smith in Dundee, his usual residence was 97 Rue de la Folie, Paris.


Occupation on the marriage record says Butcher Quartermaster, Free French Navy. 

He returned to France after the war he joined the Paris Police (Guardians de la Paix).


James Grant


He was Paul's maternal Great Grandfather.  Born on 25th October 1877 in Kemnay and died on 14th July 1934.

He was one of nine children of John Grant (Stone Cutter) & Mary Herd.


A brother (John Alexander Grant b1875) and sister (Margaret Grant b1874) of James were both born in Maine, USA


We assume the family travelled to America due to John being involved in the granite industry.  Any information would be appreciated.


William Andrew Paterson


He was also Paul's Great Grandfather.  Born 22nd February 1898 in Braemar, died 20th October 1981

AKA. Andy Pat


When he married Elizabeth Walker Barron on 2nd March 1917, his occupation is noted as Pte 3rd Battalion Gordon Highlanders.  Stationed at the King Street Barracks in Aberdeen.


How do I find out details of his army career?



More to follow soon!!


Updated on:- 03 September 2014  

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